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  • EWGT2018

    The EWGT 2018 has opened its Call for Papers!

    We would like to spread the word on the EWGT 2018 which is going to be held in Braunschweig.

    Please note, that the deadline for the submission of extended abstracts is 1st December 2017.

    Full papers for accepted abstracts will be required by 1st April 2018. Please find more details on our conference website

    We would appreciate it, if you could forward this invitation to your colleagues and thereby spread the word.

    We are looking forward to your contributions and would be glad to welcome you next year in September in Braunschweig!

    The Local Organizing Committee

  • Dear Friends,

    on behalf of the Board of the EWGT and of our community I'm pleased to convey heartfelt thanks to the participants to the EWGT2016 for attending and contributing to the Conference.

    We have also to warmly thank the members of the local Organizing Committee,

    • Domokos Esztergar-Kiss, International Project Coordinator of the Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering
    • Tamas Matrai, Research Assistant of the Department of Transport Technology and Economy
    • Janos Toth, head of the Department of Transport Technology and Economy
    • Istvan Varga, Dean of the Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering
    • the Undergraduate and Graduate students of the Department of Transport Technology and Economy and of the Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering.

    All of us have appreciated very much their great and efficient efforts in realizing a successful event both from the scientific and social point of view. Thank you very much.

    I think we can claim without any doubts that the level of the works presented in these days has been very good; many subjects have been debated in a profitable way.

    We have to give our thanks to the authors and also to all the reviewers that have contributed for selecting a so good set of works.

    We have also to thank the keynote speakers László Sándor KERÉNYI, Jonas ELIASSON and Francesco VITI for their contribution to the Conference.

    See you next year in Braunschweig …..

    Warms regards,

    Riccardo Rossi


  • The EWGT newsletter is on. It collects news from the memmers and sperad them on the community. Every 2 months an e-mail will be sent to the members with updated information.

    If you have some information you want to spread, please send an e-mail to the .

  • The Group was founded in July 1991 in Cetraro (Italy) during the 7th Euro Summer Institute on Urban Traffic Management. This name was changed during the EURO Conference in Glasgow in July 1994 to Transportation, in order to extend the topics addressed and to involve more people in participation.

    EWGT main targets concern providing a forum to share research information and experience, encouraging joint research and the development of both theoretical methods and applications, promoting cooperation among the many institutions and organisations which are leaders at national level in the field of transportation, traffic and logistics.

    Since the foundation of the Working Group, the Coordinator has been Prof. Maurizio Bielli, from National Research Council of Italy. Since September 2011 the Coordinator is Prof. Riccardo Rossi from Padua University, Italy.

    The 1st Meeting of the EWGT was held in Landshut, Germany, 1-3 October 1992, organized by Prof. Markos Papageorgiou. Next Meetings were held in different European cities, i.e. Paris, Barcelona, Newcastle upon Tyne, Goteborg, Helsinki, Budva, Rome, Bari, Poznan, Ischia, Padova, Poznan, Paris, Porto and Sevilla.

    Moreover, we usually give our sponsorship and cooperation to the most relevant events on transportation (such as Tristan and Odysseus). For example we organized Tristan II Conference held in Capri Island, Italy, in the 1994 year, probably the most exciting and great event people can remember.

    From the education point of view, we started our activity with the organization of the Summer School on Urban Traffic Management in 1991 in a wonderful seaside place in South Italy, where several young researchers presented their first contributions and several academic professors gave lessons and reviews on classical traffic and transport topics.

    We supported as well the Course on Advanced Methods for Planning and Management of Transportation Networks, held in Capri Island, Italy, in the 1999 year. Moreover, we organized a Short Course for young researchers during the EWGT Meeting in Bari, 2006.

    We have also to remark the organization by Prof. Markos Papageorgiou of the Short Courses on Dynamic traffic flow modelling and control, held in Chania, Greece, for many years.

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